Dilutions Cheat Sheet for Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap

castile soap

Update May 2022 —I’ve added a few uses to both the Sal Suds and Castile Soap Cheat Sheets. Plus: All four Cheat Sheets are now available in Spanish! (See the side bar to download or print.)

Dilute! Dilute! OK!* But how much? Here is a quick reference. None of this is a hard and fast rule. If your stuff is really dirty or your water is really hard, then you may want to use more than the recommended amount. However, this should get you started. You’ll notice that for some applications, I recommend pre-diluting the Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap—combining the soap with water in a container. For other applications, the soap is diluted by the water present in the situation. It’s a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that if you predilute, you are also diluting the preservation system (tocopherols – vitamin E), so the shelf life drops. Use within a couple weeks. And yes, there are 18+ uses here.

* Long time Dr. Bronner’s users will remember this expression from the old labels.

Body Uses

Face: 2-3 drops on wet hands, applied to wet face.

Body: One small squirt on wet hands or washcloth, applied to a wet body.

Foaming Pump Dispenser: Dilution of one part soap to 3 parts water.

Wipe-Off Castile Body Wash Spray: Use when running water isn’t an option due to illness, large cast or bandage, or when hiking, camping, etc. Combine 1 ½ tsp. (7.5 mL) soap and 1 c. (240 mL) of Castile Soap and 1 c. (240 mL) room temperature water in a spray bottle. Spray body wash lightly on skin, and wipe with a wet (not dripping) cloth. Dry skin.

Makeup Removal: Wet face and lather several drops of soap into hands. Massage into skin. Rinse.

Hair: A couple drops for close-cropped hair or up to ½ Tbsp. (7.5 mL) for long hair, either worked directly into very wet hair or pre-diluted in a cup of water. Follow with a capful of Dr. Bronner’s Citrus Organic Hair Rinse diluted in one cup (240 mL) of water or dilute apple cider vinegar in half with water.

Bath: Completely depends upon water amount, but approximately 2 Tbsp. (30 mL) soap in an average sized tub. (Doesn’t bubble, but still cleans.)

Shaving: Face—10 drops; Underarms—3 drops; Legs—½ tsp (2.5 mL); Work to a lather in wet hands, apply to area.

Teeth: 1 drop on a toothbrush. (Yes, it tastes like soap.)

Oral Appliances: Removable retainers, nightguards, etc. & dentures: Wet device. Add 1-2 drops of soap to a soft toothbrush. Brush gently, then rinse.

Foot Bath: ½ Tbsp. (7.5 mL) in a small tub of hot water.

Clearing Congestion: 1 Tbsp. (15 mL) Peppermint or Eucalyptus Castile soap in a bowl of steamy hot water. Breathe in mist with a towel draped over the head.

Household Uses

Dishes (Handwashing): Pre-dilute 1:10 with water. Squirt on a scrub brush. Alternatively, add 1-2 Tbsp. (15-30 mL) Castile Soap in a large sink of water. Use a small squirt of soap for one pot, or more if needed. To avoid water spots in hard water conditions, dry dishes by hand.

Laundry: 2–4 Tbsp. (30–60 mL) for HE washers. Add ½ c. (120 mL) vinegar to the rinse cycle. Optional: For whitening/deodorizing, add ¼ c. (60 mL) baking soda to wash cycle. Double these amounts for standard washers.

Handwashing Delicates: 1 capful (1 Tbsp. or 15 mL) Castile Soap in about 1 gallon (4 L) cold water. Swish gently. Let soak 10 minutes. Swish again. Rinse with clean water. Gently press out excess water with a towel. Hang or lay clothing flat to dry.

Mopping (Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, Stone & Tile Flooring): 2 ½ Tbsp (38 mL) of soap in 1 gallon (4 L) of hot water. Dunk mop (microfiber, preferably) and wring thoroughly. On wood and laminate, avoid excess water and mop up wet areas.

For smaller areas, add 2 tsp. (10 mL) Castile Soap to a quart (1 L) of water in a squirt bottle.

All-Purpose Cleaning Spray:¼ c. (60 mL) soap in a quart (1 L) of water in a spray bottle. Optional: For extra microbial punch, add ¼ tsp. (1.25 mL) tea tree essential oil. Use on any surface that is safe in contact with water-stone countertops & tile; wood (painted or sealed, not waxed); plastic toys and such; stainless steel; sinks & toilets; and more!

Windows: 1 Tbsp. (15 mL) soap in a quart (1 L) of water in a spray bottle. Spray and squeegee. Follow up with pure club soda, or half vinegar/ half water and squeegee.

Toilet: Predilute 1:4 with water in a squirt bottle. Add ¼ tsp. (1.25 mL) tea tree oil. For best results, empty toilet. Spray or squirt 2-3 drops of Castile Soap directly on toilet brush. Sprinkle baking soda on the brush, scrub bowl, let sit 10 minutes, turn water on, flush.

Other Uses for Liquid Castile Soap

Fruit & Veggie Wash: 1 dash (approx. ¼ tsp.) in a bowl of water. Dunk produce and swish. Then rinse in clear water.

Dog Washing: Wet dog thoroughly. Massage in enough soap to create a good lather. (Amount varies based on size, hair type, and overall dirtiness.) Really massage it in down to the skin. Your dog will thank you for it. Rinse thoroughly.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes: Wet the make-up brushes in water. Add 1-2 drops soap to the bristles. Massage in gently for 10+ seconds, then rinse. Repeat as needed until water runs clear.

Plant Spray for Bugs: 1 Tbsp. (15 mL) in a quart (1 L) of water. Optional: Add ½ tsp. (1.25 mL) cayenne pepper or cinnamon. Spray plants twice daily in the cool of the day until infestation clears.

Ant Spray (Not on plants): ¼ c. (60 mL) Tea Tree Castile Soap in a quart (1 L) of water. (This concentration will burn plants.)

I’ve tried to keep this short and sweet. If you have any questions, please ask away!

Not sure when to use Sal Suds or when to use Castile Soap? Head over to my blog post, Sal Suds or Castile Soap—Which to Use?

If you’re interested in using the Castile Bar Soap for house cleaning, check out my Bar Soap Dilutions Cheat Sheet.

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Day 23 – Update and Foaming Soap – Jacq's 2 Cents says:

[…] soap, household cleaning and bathing your dog. 🙂 Make sure to dilute it, though. Here is a cheat sheet for how to do that (I dilute the soap for washing the dog in a plastic container before I pour it […]

Felix says:

I have same question as Bella on January 16, can I add essential oil blends or for instance other scents like lemon grass to Dr Bronners? Do I use the unscented one?

Lisa Bronner says:

Yes! I’m sorry I didn’t respond to Bella earlier. This is a great way to create your favorite scented soap. Add whatever blend of essential oils you like to the unscented Castile. You may find that the essential oils float on top of the soap, but a little shake of the (closed) bottle will blend them in.

bella says:

Can you advice on adding essential oil blends to Dr Bronners soaps to do relaxing blends( with the lavender soap), uplifting with ( the peppermint soap) ?
I’d like to use Dr Bronners sops for the base soap.

Cozetta says:

I noticed on the label it says there is potassium hydroxide included which is “essentially” non detectable once the soap is created. Because this is corrosive to metal, copper and etc is placing it on the skin still safe in the levels in this soap? Is it actually removed or is it just really well blended in? Do you offer products without this included?

Chanda says:

I have read so many great things about Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap and amongst many things, making your own foaming hand soap. With a little one potty training and washing hands very often, I have been giving this a try with little luck. What’s odd is that sometimes it feels squeaky clean on my hands and majority of the time, it feels like my hand is still greasy while washing with it. Please advise. I’ve been using the unscented baby one with no luck. I try adding more soap, diluting it with more water and even attempted the 2 tbsp to 12 oz water mixture to no avail. Wanted to try asking here in hopes for some advice before giving up on Castile soap. Thank you in advance.

Iris says:

I use a foaming pump dispenser with a mixture of 1 part soap to 3 parts water and it works great! Hope this helps.

louise says:

HI, Lisa,
when I wash dishes, I put the diluted soap on the sponge/cloth. The sponge/cloth feels oily and my hands feel oily from the sponge/cloth. Utensils feel oily too. then I need to wash my hand with soap. the hands feel ok. why? please advise.

SuperGleam says:

We use Dr. Bronner’s for all of our dishes and we clean a lot of dishes. When using the plant based products you may find that it leaves a little residue behind. This residue is not harmful and one of the side effects of using plant based cleaners. Using natural cleaners takes some getting used to when you make the switch. They are different. You may eat or drink from the dishes as usual with no harmful effects. Unlike other chemical detergents which may leave residue you cannot see but is harmful to your health, Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps are safe to ingest, and breath in. When you wash your dishes the particles are released into the air and you breath it in as well as the particles land on your surfaces. This is why natural products are recommended versus the chemicals in the usual store brands. It is also very cost effective when bought in bulk. We never have to worry about animals getting poisoned by the chemicals or children having adverse reactions. We hope this helps.

Vicky says:

I’ve not tried Dr Bronner on dishes as of yet, but like my dishwasher, the water hardness/softness makes a difference. I have hard water in my home and I ALWAYS add several tbsp of salt before I start cycle and it makes a HUGE difference in how clear they come out. If I forget salt, the glasses are filmy, as are all the “clear” plastics – it’s really obvious.

Other stuff I’ve read about using the vinegar after shampoo rinse, I’m going to guess that either a Salt or Vinegar rinse might help your dishes.

My Top 10 Favorite Natural Home & Beauty Products - Whole Food, Whole You says:

[…] so versatile! I mostly use it as liquid handsoap (by diluting with water), but here’s a list of 18 common uses. I’ve found cheaper prices at my local grocery stores, but there might be some deals online! […]

DIY Foaming Hand Soap – Revere Radio Network says:

[…] Don’t you just love to save money? Plus, you can use your liquid castile soap for so many other things. […]

20 Ways to Kick Toxins out of Your Home | thehealthybeez says:

[…] soap on our puppies as well instead of using dog shampoo.  For other dilutions and options, this is a great resource […]

Kat says:

Thanks for that. My mother in law uses more than one bottle a week on dishes…. I can finally show her how wrong it is hahaha!

Cheryl says:

It was suggested to use Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Castile Liquid Soap to wash baby bottle an pump parts. Put soap in hot water and soak for 5 mins to remove milk residue. I’d like to make a pump bottle that I just put a few squirts in the sink and soak. What ratio should I use?

Diana says:

I used a squirt (maybe a teaspoon) for a whole sinkful, with hot water. When the water gets colder take them out.

Tiny House Cleaning Essentials | says:

[…] Head composting toilet. It’s also great for mopping*, laundry,  and dozens of other uses. Click here for dilution […]

Anne Bright says:

What does Dr Bronners put in their Shikaki soaps so that they won’t clog dispensers? Can I do it myself (add ingredients) to their peppermint soap?
My husband is hooked on the peppermint, we have bottles all over the place, clogged up and the tops off and etc…
I’ve tried to get him to use the kind that comes in a dispenser and doesn’t clog, but he likes the peppermint and that is that.

Lisa Bronner says:

HI Anne – We’ve tried adding myriad things to the castile soaps to get them to work in regular dispensers. It just doesn’t. It always clogs. However, foaming pumps are a different story. Use a ratio of one part soap to three parts water (or play around with that ratio until you like the results).

Clean your house, your body, and your mind? - says:

[…] For real enthusiasts Dr. Bronner suggests using their Pure-Castile Soap to clean your house and the body. Face, body, hair – food, dishes, laundry, mopping, and even pets! For recommended dilutions: Liquid Soaps Dilutions Cheat Sheet. […]

MCA says:

For god’s sake, Dr. Bronner’s makes actual toothpaste. Only an idiot would use soap on their teeth.

Cassandra Cary says:

@ Maureen Bensanko- The almond castille is made with almond oil (the scent is natural) so it’s not nut allergy safe. Baby mild is great, so it tea tree and the peppermint is always a favorite.

Lisa Bronner says:

Actually, the almond soap is made with cassia oil, which is still completely natural. Almond oil contains trace amounts of cyanide, so we decided not to go that route. However, its cousin, the cassia tree, has a remarkable almond-y smell.

Introduction to the Dr. Bronner’s All- One Brand | says:

[…] Bronner has a wonderful blog and she made a Dilution Cheat Sheet for the Castile Soap that you can reference. For Easy printing the PDF Cheat Sheet is […]

Tsipporah says:

I was hoping to find the dilution per ounces. I like to pre-dilute the castille soap in used shampoo bottles. It would be nice if you could chart it out like 1quarter cup Dr.Bron. per “such & such ounces for shampoo/hand soap. We go through these soaps quickly & I am trying to do the math to see the cost comparison of using Dr.Bron.’s vs. buying shampoo & hand soap. Maybe I’ll need to experiment myself. But I was hoping to save time if someone else has an idea of how many ounces are needed for say, a 16 0z bottle of shampoo or 10 oz bottle of hand soap?

Lisa Bronner says:

That is a great idea. I will look into adding that to the Cheat Sheet. Just off the top of my head, I would say that I use 1/4 of an ounce per shampooing with the castile, which would be 64 uses from a 16 oz bottle. If I were using conventional shampoo, I would guess I’d use an ounce since I have pretty long hair at the moment (It’s been a while since I’ve used anything but the castile, so this is a guess), which would mean 16 uses from a 16 oz bottle. Does that help?

Terri says:

I’ve been using this soap for 35 years!!My face and body feel great. Here’s a rush: a hot sauna, and then a shower with the peppermint soap-WOW

Lisa Bronner says:

Sounds great, Terri! Better than coffee, and that’s saying a lot coming from me!

One Bar of Soap | THE WHOLE WORLD IN A CREPE says:

[…] you want to find more uses for a bar of soap, check out this cheat sheet from Lisa Bronner about soap dilutions. She refers to liquid soap, but dissolving bar soap makes […]

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[…] other things. A little goes a long way. For a how-to and dilution ratio help, this list from the Dr. Bronner website will help. It comes in many different scents and unscented. The last time I checked, Costco carried […]

Lisa Bronner says:

I think you would have better luck with pure peppermint essential oil, unless you do need to clean the surfaces. I’ve heard of putting a few drops of peppermint oil on a cloth and putting wherever the mice are getting in, if you can figure that out. They don’t like peppermint.

Cari says:

Hi There!

Does anyone know if its safe to use Dr. Bronners soap in the dishwasher?

Can anyone share a dilution recipe for that?

Thanks, Cari

Lisa Bronner says:

Hi Cari – I haven’t had success with it in the dishwasher. In fact, it was quite the reverse and the castile soap left a good film on all my glasses. However, I haven’t really tackled this problem, and I’ve seen quite a few recipes online that use Dr. Bronner’s with other ingredients and people say they work. I haven’t tried it though. If you give it a shot, let me know your success. Or non-success.

Foy says:

I’ve used about 1 to 2 drops of peppermint and it work well for me in the dishwasher, but I also rinse my dishes before they go in the dishwasher. So the worst that could happen is that it would be a hold lot of hot water sterilizing the dishes.

Diane says:

If I want my clothes to smell like the delicious rose castile soap will the vinegar wash that scent away? As of now I hand wash things that I want to have that slight scent but I want to know how that would work with laundry.

Lisa Bronner says:

There isn’t much scent left afterwards with vinegar. Instead, try putting a couple drops of an essential oil on a cloth and putting that in your dryer with the load.

Debra Robinson says:

These soaps are the beat I ever had or use for everything I mean everything . “I use them in car , durning and after my periods, handsoap bottles in bathroom, help remove my makeup after removing with cream, help remove acne off my child back, keep in kitchen, brush teeth, clean whole house, clean refrigerator, just love it so much thank you!”

Christina says:

I would definitely avoid peppermint on baby wipes. The tingling effect from peppermint essential oils wouldn’t really be ideal for the baby’s bottom, plus it actually feels like a burning sensation if he/she is extra-sensitive to it. There is a write up about that on the FAQ page. “For babies, we especially recommend our Unscented Baby-Mild line, as their skin can be sensitive to the essential oils that are in our scented soaps.”

Dani says:

I would personally not recommend you use the peppermint on an infant as it does tingle. there is a specific mild one for babies.

Regina says:

Do NOT use the peppermint one for baby wipes! No baby should have peppermint on their little genitals! THINK ABOUT IT!

Lisa Bronner says:

I’d agree that the peppermint would be too intense for little ones. Lavender, rose, almond or unscented would be my choices.

bria says:

I am not positive, but I think peppermint might irritate the sensitive skin in that area. I’ve heard of using lavender and orange. I just made baby wipes using frank/myrrh and lavender oils mixed with the mild baby soap and it seems to work well.

Maureen Besanko says:

Hi! I LOVE Dr. Bronner’s Almond Soap! I have been using it for years! We also buy the bars of soap.
My question is that my 16 yr old nephew is coming for a 4 day long weekend with his parents. He has nut allergies.
Does “Almond Soap” have any almonds or nuts in them? Is there a soap that is totally safe for my nephew.

dawn says:

go buy him one of the sample sizes…. would not use almond anything with him

DarkStar says:

I was picking up a bottle of the peppermint hemp soap and a lady next to me said she only buys the unscented and adds her own essential oils. So you most definitely can. I have no idea exactly how much EO you should add though. Anyone do this? Suggestions on the amounts to add?

Leslie C. says:

What is the shelf life of the pure Castile soaps and the shelf life for sal suds? Thank you!

Jennifer says:

I want to use dr bronner’s soap for handwashing and in the shower but would like to put it in a pump bottle for these purposes. I’m having a hard time finding a pump bottle that doesn’t just clog after a few days. Can anyone recommend a pump bottle that will work?

phyllis says:

I use the foaming pump dispensers. I buy a bottle of foaming soap, use it up, and re-fill the dispenser with a dilution of Dr. Bronner’s. I have used several different brands, and haven’t had a problem with any of them. I mix it in an 8oz. container. I use 1-2oz of Dr. Bronner’s, fill the rest of the container with water, and then fill up the foaming soap dispenser. I’ve been doing this for several years. I’ve tried different scents, but I keep coming back to lavender.

diana says:

I use the foam pumps for the “method” soaps from Target. They work for 2 years plus. I also use the bath and body works foam pumps to fill with Bronners.

Foy says:

I reused my 8.75 oz. bottle of anti-bacterial gentle foaming hand soap dispenser i bought from Bath and Body Works and it foams up just nice. I buy these pumps like during Christmas but they may have them before that time and someone already said in the article that they found you can get more out of the product by using the pumps. Also experiment with the pumps you already have. I’ve heard its good to use rubbing alcohol to get the scent out from the previous used product smell.

Elizabeth says:

Do I need to pre dilute the soap for laundry since it will be mixed with water anyways?

Dr.Bronner's Castile Soap as Shampoo Product Review | CurlyNuGrowth says:

[…] Many people have heard that using a Castile Soap will dry your hair out because it is so concentrated— this is true if you don’t dilute it enough (i.e. – use too much) and aren’t properly shampooing. To err on the side of caution, having an extra spray bottle or container to make the shampoo mixture in is great— a suggested mixture is to mix ½ cup of (distilled) water and ½ Tbsp of castile soap. Or if you like to test the limits (like me), you can just pour some castile soap in your hand and then let water from the shower mix in before applying to your scalp. I recommend playing around with the ratios until you find what works best for your hair type and texture— Check out the Liquid Castile Soap Dilution Cheat Sheet. […]

Sarah says:

Hi Lisa, I love this list, thank you! Any chance you have a recipe for cleaning the tub??

diana says:

I have a great solutions for tubs, & soap scum. 50/50 Bronners and vinegar in a spray bottle. Then spray, leave on for a few minutes then rinse with a cup of water and wipe down. The shiniest (easiest) natural bathtub ever!

diana says:

It does curdle sort of, but it does leave my bathtub shiny as long as it doesn’t clog the spray bottle. Try it with a small amount, if you are concerned.

Misplacedhippie says:

Oh wow! That’s a GOOD question. I’m so glad you brought that up, because it seems to me like it would. I’m very curious now.

Brian says:

Vinegar is safe for rubber, great way to recondition your windshield wipers.

Megan says:

I was having issues with my washer and am sensitive to multiple things including fragrances and undefined chemicals. I was trying to avoid telling the guy working on it that I used vinegar for fear that it would void the warranty. He suggested straight vinegar as being what they recommend to people with chemical sensitivities because it won’t hurt the machines and most people don’t have problems with it.

D Muffitt says:

Some place on your blogs, I saw a comment about how to use Dr. Bronners in a pump container. where can I find that? Am a loyal Dr Bronner’s user for about 40 years!!! Great stuff! OH! I also saw something about it being really good for pimple problems.

diana says:

Here is why Bronner’s is superior. I have been using it on my problem skin for about a year now and it works incredibly well. The lack of chemicals has been helping my skin heal from the damage from all the other priciest. There is actually no other product I will use on my face any longer. It cuts the grease, while being natural and leaves the skin very soft at the same time. My foam pump with Bronner’s actually doubles as a face wash in the bathroom. It is so quick an simple. I pump on my hands, very lightly rub it on my face in a circular motion and rinse with only one rinse of water. That’s right. It rinses so quickly that when I tried to go back to a face wash I was appalled by the effort involved in rinsing for 5 minutes. I am so lazy now with Bronner’s because it allows me to be. The rinse is superior to any other soaps or detergents hands down.

Diana says:

In a foam pump mix about 1 part brownness to five parts water. | Healthy Living | Eating Right | The Best in Nutrition Eco Friendly Beauty Products You Have To Try says:

[…] a shower, but can also safely be used to kill bacteria on your kitchen counters. (Check out the Cheat Sheet for proper […]

Giacomo says:

Hi, i am a new user to liquid soap. Can i use this soap for wash my beard ?
Thanks so much

Marci says:

Just received Dr. Bonner’s Hemp Lavender Castil Soap and it smells wonderful. I have been reviewing you dilution cheat sheet. Would it not be a good idea to mix ahead in a bottle and keep in the bathroom for a full-body wash? I don’t want to turn my seven year old loose with the entire bottle. Was thinking of mixing some up for him to keep in his bathroom. Please let me know your thoughts. I could just add to each individual bath, but he is going g through the “he’s a big boy and doesn’t need mom for everything” phase. Thank you for you time and consideration. Also, thanks for providing a product that you believe so much about!! Great to see these days.

phyllis says:

I have been pre-diluting Dr. Bronner’s soap for several years, and have never had a problem. I prepare an 8oz squirt bottle, or fill up a foam soap dispenser for hand washing or whatever.

chemical-free cleaning | Paleo Jo says:

[…] [Dr. Bronner’s Dilutions Cheat Sheet.  theirs also calls for optional tea tree oil extract, but you can omit that if you use the tea tree oil scent!] […]

Jenny L. says:

Can the liquid castille soap be used for hand washing delicates? If so, how much should be used? Thank you!

Free Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap for my Readers - Imperfect Homemaker says:

[…] Here is a list of tons of ways to use it all around the house! […]

Diana says:

I’ve figured out the way to make the Bronners go even further. I take a foam soap pump and put 1 part Bronners ( any flavor) to about 5 parts water. I use it on dishes, my hair, hands, body and everything in between. I have a Bronners foam pump in every room. Sometimes the baby gets into it but it’s completely safe for her to put in her mouth or get all over any surface so I don’t mind at all. In fact it helps me clean. I also use a teeny tiny amount of Bronners in a spray bottle full of water to clean EVERYTHING.

Lee says:

Which kind of hand pump do you use? A new one, or a recycled one (like an old Method brand, for example)? I’m looking to replace ALL of the pumps in our house with foaming Dr. Bronner pumps, due to some irritant contact dermatitis on my hands/light eczema–the doc cannot seem to figure it out, but I suspect chemical irritants in my hand soap (clear Softsoap). I already use Dr. Bronner’s in the shower, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Thanks!

diana says:

The foam pumps I recommend to reuse are “Method”, “Bath and Body works” and one I recycle from the hospital after my baby was born. Definitely reuse bottles when you can to reduce your carbon footprint.

Dr Bronner's Castile Soap Review ( + scientific opinion!) - Valeria Speck says:

[…] are so many uses for this soap. I think I just better give you the link where Dr. Bronner “sends” us to check out the may ways of using this magic soaps and […]

LauraSoo says:

Hi Lisa, thank you so much for this cheat sheet. I am wanting to pre-mix your peppermint pure castile soap in one of the large (US 1 GAL) bottles so we can use it from there to fill our hand soap dispensers. Could you let me know what you reccomend for mesausurements for proper dilution? thank you!

Diana says:

My recommendation is to dilute around 50/50, but remember it’s is not thick like hand soap so it will seem watery but will still be very concentrated. Be careful enough if mixing large amounts such as a gallon at once. After you add water it introduced bacteria and the shelf life is not as long. I would try to use it in a month or two because it may go bad sooner.

Foy says:

The pump dispenser doesn’t need to made by the gallon because its much smaller therefore keeping it from going bad by less product usage and us as needed.

See the comment on Pump sprays which I bought from Bath and Body Works.

Anna roycroft says:

Hi there, just wondering if I can use the baby unscented for my 1 year old for toothpaste?

Lisa Draper says:

wanted to throw my hat in the ‘wash’ & say I love this soap! I prefer lavender at the present but would love to try other scents. WOuld you happen to have a ‘sniff stick’ available for reference? yes I know that’s a silly ?? yet I’m sure I could talk my 3 sons into using if they tried ! LOVE it!

Marlene says:

I’ve personally only had the chance to buy the unscented baby mild stuff, and even that smells nice, sort of like Johnson’s baby shampoo but I’m not sure. It reminds me of something else that I’ve tried before for sure. So, I don’t think that any of them smell bad, but I’m not sure about the tea tree one, as I don’t like tea tree scent normally.

Student’s Corner | says:

[…] more concentrated than other soaps and cleaning products. You can find a dilution cheat sheet here, which also lists 18 uses for the […]

William Norman says:

Can you please send a sample to William Norman, 776 Jefferson Hwy, Staunton Va, 24401. Thanks in advance, if I like it as much as I believe I will then I’ll be buying regularly from my local Martin’s, telling friends, and leaving positive reviews on the internet.

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