Simplifying the Shower

One soap from head to toe. That’s it. I use it on my face. I use it on my body. I use it on my hair.

It’s a common question we get, whether the soap is OK for this or that body part. So much marketing has gone into specialty face soaps and body soaps and hand soaps. Then there’s the realm of shampoo – do you need volume today or moisture?

I used to have so many different products in the shower that the little built-in shelf was pretty much a joke. And as we added little ones to our family, the problem multiplied. We had kid soap and baby soap and my soap (body and face) and my husband’s soap, and then the shampoos and separate male and female shave gels. Now there’s just a bottle of the liquid castile and the Hair Rinse. Occasionally the Shaving Soap if I’ve remembered to stock up on it.

To answer the question, “What’s this soap for?” I have to say, “Everything.” I may get a look that says I must be naïve at best or at worst a nut on the fringe. Maybe, but nonetheless, experience speaks.

I’ve bought the gamut of facial cleansers that are supposed clear problem skin. Nothing worked until I came back to using only Dr. Bronner’s (Pure Castile Tea Tree when it gets bad, but any scent the rest of the time). And I was a really hard sell initially regarding using the soap on my hair. I’m no beauty queen, but I do have some vanity, and I thought washing my hair with soap would leave it frizzy and dull. But my hair is strong and healthy. (I’ll speak more in another blog about my switch from shampoo to soap, but I want to mention here that you do need the Hair Rinse.)

I’ve already blogged about my switch to the soap for my baby. My older kids are washed head to toe with it, too. It’s a lot easier on them as they learn to wash themselves. Hand them one bottle or bar and off they go.

I use the Shave Gel, when I have it on hand, which is about 50% of the time. It lathers more quickly and thickly than the castile soap. And it is more moisturizing. It’s a nice treat when I’ve remembered to grab some. When I don’t, though, the castile soap works well, although requires a bit more effort.

So our skin is clear, our hair is healthy. No one has dry skin or funny fragrances. It’s a whole lot more efficient just to grab one bottle – and a lot less to think about in the morning.

116 thoughts on “Simplifying the Shower

  1. Dr B was my inspiration to make my own liquid and bar of soap. I didn’t regret that I did because I enjoyed making it as well as using it.

  2. So I’m still somewhat confused on exactly how much soap to use for my body, my scalp, and my laundry. I’m going to be traveling for a few years and I need to limit how much I can carry.

    A) exactly how much should I use for washing my body? I’m experimenting with different soaps to choose a 1-soap for everything. Is it like a cap full, or a quarter-sized amount in my hands? Does it have to be in a wash cloth?

    B) same question for cleaning my scalp. Does it absolutely need to be diluted, or can I squirt some in my hand, like a dime or quarter sized amount, and clean normally and rinse with water? Is the rinse absolutely necessary, or can I skip the rinse all together?

    C) same question for washing my clothes. I use a scrubba wash bag (dry bag) to wash my clothes. How much should I use for that? Is it necessary to use vinegar to rinse the clothes, or can I skip that and just use the soap and rinse with water?

    I can send pictures of what I’m using to give some frame of reference.

    Appreciate the timely response!

    • Hi Ryan – I apologize that this is a week later! I hope you haven’t left on your trip yet. I can save you the thought process and just tell you that the Castile soap is the one soap that can do it all and is exactly what you should carry on your trip. If you need extra convincing, though, I’ll answer your questions more specifically! I use a wash cloth so that I don’t use any soap running through my fingers, but it certainly isn’t necessary. In terms of measurement, I would say I use half a capfull of the 8 oz. cap. That works out to probably 1 tsp. For my hair, I apply it straight on my hair. My hair is pretty long (see pic above) and it takes probably another teaspoon of soap to get it all. My son, who has a buzz cut, just uses a few drops. You can triangulate from there if your hair is somewhere in between. My son does not use any sort of rinse and his hair is fine. I do, otherwise my hair would be pretty tangled. I don’t know how big your scrubba wash bag is, so maybe start with a couple tablespoons of the castile. You can rinse with just water. The vinegar is to help soften clothes, but that may not be a priority here. You also may want to consider the bar over the liquid. For traveling it has a couple benefits: it can’t spill, it’s more concentrated (only 5% water content vs. 63%), less wasted through loss, only a paper wrapper which is compostible. You can scrub hair, body, and laundry with it. For laundry, you might just shave off some slivers into the laundry bag with some water and let it agitate.

      Safe travels!

  3. Hey, is it a good idea to put the soap in a lathering dispenser and dilute it sightly for body wash? thanks

    • Hi William – The soap does work well in a foaming pump dispenser. Dilute it at a ratio of 1:3 with water.

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