Dog Washing with Dr. Bronner’s Soap

Tucker totally steals the show here, but before you get enamored with him, let’s talk about dog washing in general.

The simplicity that makes Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap great for our bodies, also makes it great for dogs.  You’ve got that blend of saponified plant-based oils – coconut, olive, palm, jojoba, and hemp – which is exceedingly nourishing as it cleans thoroughly.  And then you’ve got all the benefits of the various essential oils.  No junk.  No fillers.  No irritants or cloying artificial fragrances.  Plus, true soaps kill fleas and other insects.  It won’t give long term protection, but it does clean them up beautifully.

In the video, I mention that I don’t predilute the soap.  Tucker’s fur is so thick and holds so much water that once the soap hits it, it’s going to get diluted on the spot.  However, you can certainly predilute it if it works better for your pooch.  Cut it in half or more with water, wet your dog, and lather away.

Tucksie, Chucks/Chuckers, Captain Peanut Butter, Tuckermort, Darth Tucker.  His nicknames capture altogether his essence: a sweet, bumbling, uncomplicated, nose-less, loud breathing pup.  And that’s why we love him!

12 thoughts on “Dog Washing with Dr. Bronner’s Soap

  1. Great video and lovely gardens. I have been using it on my dog for years. I love how well it lathers and how easily it rinses out of his coat, and talk about shiny coats. Great product, we love it and use it in our home for our own body wash and shampoo, and absolutely love this product. My fave is the citrus.

    • So glad to hear it! Thank you for your kind words. For full disclosure, that’s not my garden, but isn’t it gorgeous? You can tell how thrilled Tucker is with the grass.

  2. Right now I am using Dr Harveys Herbal Protection Shampoo, which is also COMPLETELY non-toxic.
    When the bottle is empty I plan on saving the bottle and making my own version of Dr Harveys Herbal Protection Shampoo using Dr Bronners Lavender Liquid Castile Soap, to which I will add the flea/tick repelling essential oils.

  3. Sweet, sweet Tucker—he’s got a cute little manatee look going on! So glad he’s doing well! I gave up on “dog soaps” long ago and just use my Dr. B’s without any issues. No more itching, irritation, or chemically-smelling dogs. Simple and better….that’s the way we roll around here.

    • I’m with you, Lynn! The simplest is way is usually the best!

  4. Wish I would have known about Dr. Bronner’s soaps when we had our two black labs. Will keep it in mind if we decide to get another lab. For now, I will share the success with my friends with dogs.

  5. Is there any concern with getting it in their eyes? I still use “no more tears” baby shampoo because I worry about eye irritation. I’ve gone “Full Bronner” for my own cleaning rituals, would be happy to switch my pups too!

    • Hi Johnny – Soap would irritate dogs’ eyes just as it would ours. I just am careful to wash well away from them and make sure the water sprays or falls back away from the eyes.

  6. Tucker is awesomely cute. How do you keep his teeth so clean?
    Rescue dogs forever!

    • Hi Michelina – On Tucker’s behalf, thank you! I can’t take responsibility for his teeth. Other than feeding him dry kibble, which I hear helps, I don’t do anything for his teeth. He’s not a chewer, so he’s never been interested in those dental chews. I bought him a toothbrush once with the best of intentions, but I never used it.

    • Hi Elly – Yes, you can! We recommend using our unscented Baby Mild Castile on cats. As they are more sensitive to essential oils than dogs, you will want to avoid them with your cat, and our unscented has none.

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