GIY Pet Wipes with Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap

Lisa Bronner using a pet wipe made with Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap on a dog

A funny thing about this video is that in the brief time between when I filmed it and am now writing this intro, my household has gained yet another puppy! So now the score stands at three cats and two dogs. Between the ongoing upkeep of the previous four furry ones and now the added fun and mess-generation of everything puppy, I’ll be needing these pet wipes all the more!

Pet wipes were not something I had thought of until a few customers asked me for a GIY (Green-It-Yourself) recipe for them. Then it seemed so obvious that these needed to exist! (A reader’s suggestion is also how the GIY Castile Body Wash Spray came about, too. Don’t be shy in asking for new uses and dilutions!) I have GIY Baby Wipes for little ones—and not so little ones, if we’re being honest—so how much different could GIY Pet Wipes be?

Recipe for GIY Pet Wipes with Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap

This is a very simple recipe to make your own pet wipes. You’ll notice that I recommend using the Unscented Pure-Castile Soap and that is because it contains no essential oils, which can be overwhelming for cats and I will use these on all my pets. If you’re making these only for dogs, you could use one of the scented Pure-Castiles, though Tea Tree essential oil is not recommended for animals. Here’s the recipe:

Small batch—best for small-sized wipes & small pets

Larger batch—best for large wipes, large dogs & frequent use (such as muddy days at my house!)

Combine the soap and water in a jar.

Reusable pet wipes

As I mention in the video, one option is to use reusable cloths or washcloths. Washcloths and upcycled old t-shirts cut to size work great, and you can pick the size, shape, and fabric that suits your pet family member’s needs best. Once I use a cloth, I hang it to dry, and then wash along with my weekly rag load.

  • Place the cloths in a closeable container and pour the soap solution over it.

Disposable pet wipes

Another option is to make disposable wipes with paper towels. For smaller disposable wipes, you can cut the roll in half. An electric knife works particularly well.

  • Place the paper towels in a closeable container and pour the soapy solution over. Let it sit for a bit to absorb the liquid. Then, you will be able to remove the central cardboard tube. The towels will dispense easily from the middle.

Store wipes in a closeable container that can hold a liquid. This can be a baby wipes container or any jar with a fitted lid, like a large mayo, peanut butter, or pickle jar.

What do I use pet wipes for?

Maybe you haven’t yet been introduced to the conveniences of pet wipes. There are many!

  • Wiping muddy off wet or muddy paws.
  • Removing dust, dander, and allergens from fur that can irritate pets.
  • Refreshing between baths.
  • Gently removing gunky eye build-up. (Take care not to get soapy solution in eyes.)
  • Wiping faces of dog breeds with skin and facial folds that need regular cleaning.
  • Bathing pets with fear of water or mobility issues.
  • Cleaning backsides that catch potty business.

The benefits of GIY-ing pet wipes!

Making your wipes yourself has a number of benefits.

  • Save on costs.
  • Know the ingredients of both the solution and the wipes themselves.
  • Avoid “fragrance” and other problematic ingredients, such as chlorine and alcohol, found in some store-bought wipes.
  • Reduce landfill waste and ecological harm with biodegradable (or better yet, re-usable!) wipes. Many conventional wipes are made of polyester plastics which break into billions of microplastic fibers.

Now you’re ready to keep your furry ones–and your house–fresh and clean! When you find that your pup needs a complete bath, be sure to check out my Dog Washing with Dr. Bronner’s video—you’ll love meeting Tucker! As with people, be sure not to get soap in their eyes. Lastly, this is a very diluted solution, but if you find any soapiness remains, wipe them down with a plain wet cloth to rinse.

Off to clean another pet mess

In the time it has taken me to write this, I have already thwarted Mookie’s efforts to bring in a live furry prize from outside, found a snail crawling up my bedroom wall (not a place it could have gotten without transportation from a creature with feet), and noticed that Layla (the puppy) has discovered the joys of toilet paper rolls. I must be going now.

I’d love to hear about your pet adventures and where these wipes have come in handy!

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