“Journey to Serendipol” – The Beauty of Fair Trade

"Journey to Serendipol" – The Beauty of Fair Trade

Here’s a documentary that makes me deeply, deeply glad.

Fair Trade is not a pie-in-the-sky dream. It’s not a marketing gimmick. Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade efforts profoundly benefit people around the world. This documentary, Journey to Serendipol, evidences the very real difference Dr. Bronner’s first Fair Trade project, a coconut oil mill in Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka, has made in the community and surrounding regions.

This is where your money is going when you buy any Dr. Bronner’s products that contain coconut oil (which is most of them). You are casting a vote for this way of doing business. As a consumer, you have that power every time you shop.

It’s only 8 minutes long. You’ll be glad you watched it.

I know these people who make Serendipol live: Gero, Gordon, Sonali, and others I see in the footage, Upal and Nalaka. I’ve met them. Shared tea with them. They welcomed me and shared their rich and beautiful country with me. I wish I can take you there myself because first hand, Sri Lanka and Serendipol is even more spectacular. You can read about my 2014 trip in my posts, “A Closer Look at Fair Trade” and “Fair Trade’s Direct Community Benefit.”

It strikes me as especially poignant that Serendipol rose from the tragedy of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean which killed more than 35,000 people in this island nation alone. Nothing can make up for the lives lost, but the tenacity of the human spirit to endure and overcome and keep pressing on toward excellence cuts down anyone’s excuses, most of all mine, to give up or abandon hope or resign oneself to a bad situation.

I hope this starts a trend of doing business better. There need not be compromise between ethics and business.

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Andrea says:

Lisa, beautiful, heartfelt sentiments introducing this powerful, inspiring documentary. Lots of love from all of us down here in Australia, as we too benefit from the life changing work your family is championing. xx

Lisa Bronner says:

Thanks, Andrea! Love to all my Aussie friends as well! We wouldn’t be where we are without each one of you!

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