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Podcast: How I Am Turning My World Green

Podcast: How I Am Turning My World Green

I was honored to join Amber L’Estrange and Jenna Pennrose on their podcast, “The Mother Loving Future,” for an episode this past March.

Going back to the beginning is a good exercise for me. What were my early green steps? What motivated me? It’s critical that I remember this because the whole “going green” thing can be a daunting task for someone just starting out. You may have this fervent desire to detoxify your life – from personal care to house care to lifestyle – but where do you start?

Talking with Amber and Jenna on their podcast, “The Mother Loving Future,” brought it all back. We covered how I got started on my journey of “going green,” and how you can too – and why you would want to. You’ll hear a little bit of what it was like “growing up Bronner,” as well as practical tips about product labels, green cleaning, and safety for children and babies.

Although the focus is on mothers and children, you’ll find the information to be fairly universal. Stream the podcast online (click on the image below) or listen through your favorite podcast app. Wouldn’t it be fitting to listen the next time you’re housecleaning?

And the whole time we’re discussing these important topics, I’m thinking – does my American accent sound as cool overseas as Amber’s does to me?

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Marc Martucci says:

Hey Lisa!
I’m am completely on board with what you and your company has been doing. I’ve used your products for years and I see a great need for them in every day use to replace the toxic chemicals that our society has been saturated with over the last 70 years. I have been trying to contact your company about a biodegradable firefighting foam that you use for the Dr.Bronner magical soap experience. This foam was invented by your father. I’m not sure if you’re able to sell it but I’m asking you to please do. The current foam that we use in the United States is banned in Europe for good reason. It contains a very dangerous class of chemicals that is currently polluting our entire planet. The chemicals are known as PFAS or it is in all Americans blood as well as most of the world. It has made its was into our water supply and our food chain. Every air force base in the country has polluted ground water around it from the use of this foam. Here where I own my nursery business and house in Fort Lauderdale this toxic foam is used on a daily basis by firefighters on 95 and firefighters at Port Everglades. The ones I spoke to had no idea of dangers of it. They use it on cruise ships and oil tankers and it runs off directly into the ocean. It’s not their fault they are just following orders and extinguishing fires. They are on some levels searching for fluorine free foams that are effective because they believe at some point this will be banned by congress.

Lisa Bronner says:

Hi Marc – Thank you for your support through the years. It is great to hear that you are in sync with what we are doing at Dr. Bronner’s. My dad did invent a Class A fire fighting foam that inspired the foam that we use in our Magic Foam Experience. He invented the fire fighting foam when he was employed by another chemical manufacturer and I believe he sold the patent to them, or they may have owned it from the outset. (My dad passed 21 years ago, so I’m going on memory here.) The foam that we currently use in our Magic Foam Experience uses the technology of that fire fighting foam, but it does not have the fire retardants in it that made its predecessor effective on wild fires. I do not know what was in his original patent. I’m sorry not to be of more help on this front. I hope a solution is found soon that doesn’t solve one problem while creating others.

Jennifer says:

I absolutely love Dr. Bronner products. Will never go back to anything else!! Thank you so much for enabling me to take care of my family without chemicals. I am a busy mom and do not have time to DIY my own products, so I really rely on Dr. Bronner’s products. I can use it straight out of the bottle and do not need to mess with anything!

Shannon Brown says:

thank you very much////////41 years I am still with you///////////////////////shannon joan brown////////////bye now//////////////

Lisa Bronner says:

Hi Shannon- It’s so great to hear from our long-time customers! Thank you for the support!

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