Podcast: How I Am Turning My World Green

I was honored to join Amber L’Estrange and Jenna Pennrose on their podcast, “The Mother Loving Future,” for an episode this past March.


Going back to the beginning is a good exercise for me.  What were my early green steps?  What motivated me?  It’s critical that I remember this because the whole “going green” thing can be a daunting task for someone just starting out.  You may have this fervent desire to detoxify your life – from personal care to house care to lifestyle – but where do you start?

Talking with Amber and Jenna on their podcast, “The Mother Loving Future,” brought it all back.  We covered how I got started on my journey of “going green,” and how you can too – and why you would want to.  You’ll hear a little bit of what it was like “growing up Bronner,” as well as practical tips about product labels, green cleaning, and safety for children and babies.

Although the focus is on mothers and children, you’ll find the information to be fairly universal.  Stream the podcast online (click on the image below) or listen through your favorite podcast app.  Wouldn’t it be fitting to listen the next time you’re housecleaning?

And the whole time we’re discussing these important topics, I’m thinking – does my American accent sound as cool overseas as Amber’s does to me?

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