Lip Balm – Not Just for the Lips

Lip Balm - Not Just for the Lips

It never ceases to amaze me how every moment in my day is accounted for. So anything I can do to make something go the littlest bit faster is great. I have begun using Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm for a quick treatment on hands. With the countless times per day that I wash my hands, they crack often. My skin’s latest habit is to form snags that catch on laundry or diapers. I usually have a tube of the lip balm handy in my pocket, or at least in the cup holder of my van. I can super-quick whip it out and apply it to my hands as I’m on the move.

The Organic Lip Balm is made up of the same ingredients as the Organic Magic Balm, but in different concentrations. The result is that the lip balm is harder than the body balm. It forms a tough barrier over rough skin and stays on the hard skin. Since it’s not greasy, it doesn’t rub off if I brush against something. It can even last through the next hand-washing or two.

Lip Balm - Not Just for the Lips

This also works great on my sons’ cheeks and chins. They always are more chapped there than on their lips. I dab on some lip balm as I drop them off for school in the morning and before they go to bed at night.

When I do have a moment to sit down, when it looks like the next hand-washing is a while away (in other words, when they’re all asleep at the end of the day), I work the body balm into my hands, massaging it in deeply, adding as much as I can. Ideally, the next step is to don cotton gloves or socks over the body balm and go to bed.

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Tigerbalm-baumetigre says:

Hi Su – Yes, both the naked lip balm and the baby balm would be safe and effective around the eyes. Personally, though, I opt instead for our pure organic Coconut oil as an overnight eye treatment. It is a matter of personal preference.


Kimberly says:

Ok I am at a loss as to what to do about my “bug” dilemma. I hope you can help. My daughter and I have been hit with “mysterious biting bugs”! We cant see them but they are definitely there! We have a crawling sensation in hair (definitely not lice), pin like feeling bites, sometimes leaves a mark sometimes, nothing. I can feel them in my ears for sure and possibly my nose. I heard tea tree is good for mites, insects, etc. My question is have you heard of anything like this before and do you think your tea tree liquid product will work? I love all your other liquid soaps and am hoping this will work for this now. God bless!

Lisa Bronner says:

Hi Kimberly- This is a new one to me! Washing yourself and fabrics – curtains, bedding and such – in Tea Tree Castile is a good place to start. You’ll need to find the source of little critters to fully eradicate them. Perhaps consult a medical professional on this one as well.

Ridwan Fauzi says:

good information … I think all types of lip balm can be used at will

Michelle says:

Hi Lisa. I use Dr. B bar soap on my face and tea tree liquid for cleaning, and I’m just now seeing that you have a lip balm! Where have I been?!? : ) I have a concern about tocopherol as I have celiac disease and have recently learned it can be made from wheat germ oil. I’m on the fence if it is something I should avoid as what I have read is that the refining process removes any of the proteins that I should be worried about. So my question….do you know where your tocopherol comes from (wheat, corn, etc)?

Lisa Bronner says:

Hi Su – Yes, both the naked lip balm and the baby balm would be safe and effective around the eyes. Personally, though, I opt instead for our pure organic Coconut oil as an overnight eye treatment. It is a matter of personal preference.

All the best,

su says:

Hi Lisa,
so this naked lip balm and the baby balm are good to use around the eye area?

Lisa Bronner says:

Great idea! Hadn’t thought of that! The peppermint would be great for that, too, then, and a pick-me-up, too.

All the best,

Lisa Bronner says:

Hi Everyone! Why have I never responded to comments on this particular post? Sorry for overlooking them. I’m glad others have found this tip to be helpful.

Jane – I’m glad to hear of the lip balm’s helpfulness with you and your friends. I will keep your experience in mind when I hear of others in similar situations.

Now that it’s summer, I am turning to the lip balm more and more as the sunscreen and salt water (from pools more than oceans) are really drying out my skin, head to toe. For broader dryness – especially on my legs – I’ve been using pure coconut oil (Dr. Bronner’s sells that, too). It works great and smells so summery!

All the best,

jane says:

I also use the lip balm on my hands. I have some sort of eczema (cause unknown but apparently stress related) that causes small painful bumps that eventually spread into cracking of skin. I hated the idea of using prescription cortisone! Why would I ever want to do that?

So I now use the lip balm on the cracking and it works wonderfully. In between I use the Baby Balm but nothing heals as well as the lip balm. When bumps start coming up I use no-name Vap-O-Rub that is a mix of menthol and eucalyptus. This is also good for eruptions of other sorts of rashes, eczema and skin problems.

The sort of eczema I have is rather common and I’ve given tubes of the Dr B Naked Lip Balm to many friends in the same boat. They all love it! It works for all of them and so I’ve bought some for them for their lips also (we all love the orange ginger!)

Additionally, I had a cracked lip that nothing could heal up… until I got my first tube of Dr B Lip Balm. It took 2 days, once in the morning and once at night, and the badly cracked lip was history.

Thanks so much again for the wonderful blog, Lisa! And to all at Dr. B’s and those who post here.


anon says:

low maintenance minimalist that i am, i use it as my eye cream at night.

Shauna says:

I’m not sure what ingredients are in the balm but try unrefined shea butter. (I like Alaffi, and it’s fair trade as well) It doesn’t rinse off with washing for a while. Leaves hands very soft!

Deb Frost says:

I have done the same, Lisa, but my problem area is my knuckles. I haven’t found Bronner’s lip balm but I am definitely buying it when I do. I so love the versatility of Bronner’s products and love your blog, too! Thanks!

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