GIY Soft Scrub with Dr. Bronner’s (Video)

This GIY trick is the magic of chemistry right before your eyes!

Soft scrub is a great aid to clearing away soap scum, ring around the tub, mold, stubborn water spots on glass.  It’s a great way to shine up your kitchen sink.  You’ll probably find that you keep this bottle just as handy as your Dr. Bronner’s All Purpose Spray.

This soft scrub will remain blended in your cabinet, so you don’t need to remake it every day.  Unless of course, you use it up.  Which you will.  Because you’ll love it, too.

Here’s the recipe from the video all written out:


1 c. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap OR ¼ c. Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds
3⅓ c. baking soda
1 c. water
¼ c. white vinegar

In a big bowl, combine the baking soda with the Castile Soap OR the Sal Suds.  Mix it with a fork until well blended and no lumps remain.  Add in the water and mix thoroughly again.  Add in the vinegar and keep stirring until no lumps remain.  (If you’re wondering about the vinegar with the soap, check out the video for an explanation!)  Pour the solution into an empty quart bottle, using a funnel.

To use this, squirt it over the surface and wipe with a damp microfiber cloth.  Rinse with a wet cloth.

(And remember: since these ingredients are totally safe and non-toxic, kids can use them, too!  Hand this bottle over to them and let them scrub away!)

17 thoughts on “GIY Soft Scrub with Dr. Bronner’s (Video)

  1. Hi Lisa
    This sounds great. How long is the shelf life after it has been made up?

    • Hi Rosemary – I’ve never had it go bad on me, but then I use this stuff up pretty quick. Maybe after a month it might lose it’s structure??? Honestly, I don’t know for sure.

  2. Hi. I haven’t tried it yet with Sal, but when I mixed it with the Castile soap, it separated, never quite blending in with the vinegar. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi Adianez – I really mixed and mixed and mixed the castile with the baking soda, and then again when I added the water. It became a pretty thick paste. Then when the vinegar went in, it was pretty easy to blend. If you do try it with the Sal Suds, it’s going to foam a whole lot more. Which is kind of fun.

  3. Lisa, do you know if you can use this cleaner on a travertine tile floor in the shower? I’ve read that you shouldn’t use vinegar on natural stones, but am wondering if the vinegar changes chemically enough because of the baking soda and is rendered “safer”?

    • Hi Linda – The caution against vinegar with travertine is pH. Travertine doesn’t do well with acid, which vinegar is. You’re right that the pH of the vinegar would be neutralized because of its reaction with the baking soda, but I am also wondering if this might be too abrasive for travertine. It is a scouring agent, and I wouldn’t want it to etch your tile. If you do give it a try, use it on a discreet corner spot first and see how it goes.

    • Hi Jacqui- I’ve never had this go bad, but then I go through this stuff pretty quick. At least a month, but probably longer.

  4. Since this has vinegar in it, can it be used with porcelain grouted tile? Or is the vinegar neutralized with the baking soda, thus making it safe for tile. I will be using the sals suds when I make this. thanks

    • Hi Laura – The acidity of the vinegar is neutralized by the baking soda, as you mentioned. With the Sal Suds, be prepared for a lot more foaming.

  5. This was fun to make Lisa – I actually had a hard time resisting the urge to taste it!

  6. I love that! Looking forward to making. Thank you!! Happy 😊

  7. I just bought my 1st bottle of Dr. Bonner liquid Castile thinking I could make my own dishwashing soap. I found it did not suds at all & left a film on my dishes. I think I do have hard water. Any solution to this or am I just stuck with a product that I can’t use?

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