Dr. Bronner’s Factory Tour: Liquid Soap Production (Video)

I hear it often… “I’ve been using your soap for 40 years” … “I love all that you guys do” … “I want to see where the magic is made” … “Can I take a tour?”

How I hate saying no to factory tours.  I feel like I’m selfishly hoarding something that is really awesome.  If I weren’t already in on it, I’d totally want to see it too.  But we can’t squeeze in tours, as you’ll see.  There’s just not enough space.  There’s too much magic happening!

So I’ve created the next best thing: a video tour.  A peek inside our headquarters, following the path of liquid soap production – from raw materials in, to bottled soap out.

I don’t have a lot of experience in factories other than Dr. Bronner’s, but I do think we have the most gorgeous and fascinating operation.  It is filled with stories, lessons and the practical expression of our 6 Cosmic Principles.  I’m glad I get to share this with you here.

18 thoughts on “Dr. Bronner’s Factory Tour: Liquid Soap Production (Video)

  1. Awesome video of the production facility! Thanks for sharing! I’m now retired after spending the bulk of my life as a shop rat manufacturing aircraft parts. I can never get enough of viewing other means of manufacturing processes both low and high rate production. The Bronner’s plant looks efficient and employee friendly. Kudos!

    • Hi Raymond – That is high praise from someone of your level of expertise. And I agree – our soap production team does great work.

  2. Thank you! What an awesome video👏🏻💫. I have been in many manufacturing plants, especially with oils, and yours is definitely the prettiest🌸 and maybe the cleanest! My boys also love watching plant tour videos and their legos👍🏻

    • Thank you, Corinna. “Pretty” is not usually an adjective used to describe the plant, but I don’t disagree with you. Hope your boys enjoy the tour!

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I have always loved “see how it’s made” videos, and I work in manufacturing quality assurance, so I understand the value of accuracy, color-coding, and lot marking, etc. Taking a peek into the manufacturing line of Dr. Bronners – one of my favorite products – is gratifying! Keep up the great work, everyone!

    • Hi Liana – I’m glad you enjoyed the virtual tour. There are certainly a lot of nitty-gritty details that go into managing a plant, as you can surely appreciate!

  4. How cool to see how it all goes together. I recently had a major catastrophe on my hardwood kitchen floor and tried several different products to clean it up. I must have washed my floor 12-15 times and while the messy part on the top cleaned okay the surface of the wood lost it’s luster and just felt horrible. Then it hit me to try using my Dr. Bronner’s recipe for hardwood floor cleaning. That was the turning point that brought my floor back to it’s original state. I thought I was going to have call in a professional to have my floor refinished but Dr. Bronner’s saved the day!

    • Hi Barbara – Thank you for this great testimonial. Glad it was something simple that got your floor’s shine back. Phew!

    • Hi Carola – We support all people on Spaceship Earth. All-One!

  5. Wow, just love this. Thanks for sharing the production facility. It’s beautiful inside.

  6. Lisa, I was a friend of your wonderful uncle Ralph’s and hosted him up in Montreal when the film festival I worked at showed the fantastic Sara Lamm doc on him, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox. Dr. Bronner’s also supported my Hemp for the Homeless project on several occasions and I’m forever grateful for the help. This video was incredible. What a glimpse into all the hard work, ingenuity and devotion by the whole Bronner’s family and team. I spent the day photographing behind the scenes in the celebrated DoughNats donut shop up in Montreal today and thought I’d have a hard time finding another production line as colourful. Well, not 3 hours later, seeing your video reminded me that there are indeed some other very colourful factories out there. However, I do suspect it’ll be hard to top the Dr. Bronner’s factory! Thanks for the awesome factory tour and keep up the great work with the soap and the blog. Dilute, dilute, All-One! Ezra, Filmmaker, Montreal

    • Hi Ezra – How wonderful that you were a friend of Uncle Ralph. He touched so many people, and I always enjoy hearing from those who knew him. Thank you!

  7. Thank you !!!
    The best quality brand products “Dr.Bronner’s” for the best quality personal care for your entire family.
    May God bless you today and always!👍🏻

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