ALL-ONE: Lisa Bronner “The Man I Called Grandpa” (Video)

In recognition of my grandfather’s 111th birthday this month…

What is it like being the granddaughter of Dr. Bronner?  When I was a kid, it was all I knew.  By the time I turned five, Dr. Bronner was my only living grandparent, so I had no point of comparison.  I didn’t think anything unusual of the fact that he was blind and spoke in Moral ABC’s and called at 6 am to request that we recite #13.

Even now, I don’t have a ready description.  Thoughts crowd my head – his mannerisms and philosophies, his family tragedies, his relationship with my dad, his relationship with me, the company then, the company now, day-to-day life vs. the global vision of saving Spaceship Earth.  He was eccentric, visionary, exceedingly brave, boundary-pushing, tenacious, charming, baffling, and more than a little overwhelming.  And he absolutely did not understand the meaning of the word “can’t.”

In this vignette, filmmaker Nate Hochstetler compiled what I didn’t even know I articulated to him.  Nate reached out to us with the idea for this mini-documentary because he knew the Dr. Bronner’s brand, and in his words, “wanted to support individuals and companies who are doing good in the world.”  Nate loves what he does and created this gorgeous piece at no charge.

Thank you, Nate.  This is a gift to me, as well as to the many people who have known my grandfather, whether in person, through his label, or through his inimitable soap.

Nate is a documentary producer interested telling the stories of people who push their hearts and their creativity to the limit.  He is the co-founder of Bloc Films, a documentary production company based in New York.


12 thoughts on “ALL-ONE: Lisa Bronner “The Man I Called Grandpa” (Video)

  1. Oh, my gosh…I just got goose-bumps.
    My grandfather, who passed in ’94 from Parkinson’s, was my rock and chief supporter…this is a loving tribute you will cherish forever.

  2. Fascinating, informative and uplifting, as always, Lisa. Thanks to you and Nate for creating and sharing this post and short film. Emanuel’s message is as loud and clear as ever thanks to creations like this one. Loved it! Ezra

  3. What a wonderful gift you’ve been given! Thanks for sharing with us all. I love his/your soap!

  4. Thank you for sharing this video. I have been using the peppermint or almond soap almost all my life. As a skinCare specialist ingredients mean everything to me. I even wash my outside plants off with Dr Bronner soap and the yard is thriving. This short film was legendary . Lisa , your grandpa would be very proud of what you have done with his product line. Thank you again for sharing this neat story😃

    • Hi Nicolle- It’s always great to hear from long-time customers. I’m glad you liked the film, and thanks for your kind words.

  5. I really enjoyed the video. Always have loved the soap but never could quite understand all the printing on the bottles either but fun trying. 🙂 You all really would make your grandfather proud if he’s looking in. Wonderful stuff!

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