Cleaning From the Pantry

You’ll notice that a lot of homemade cleaning recipes call for ingredients from the pantry.  I don’t know why so many food staples do great jobs at cleaning.  Perhaps some of you have the answers?  Why would baking soda, which provides excellent leavening in cakes and breads, be such a great whitener in the laundry?  Or why would salt, which does myriad things in cooking from enhancing flavors to preserving, be such a great help in getting burned junk off the bottom of the oven?  There is probably some connection in these abilities.

All I know is that if it is safe to go in our bodies, it is safe to go on our bodies.  And although we don’t give ourselves a rub down with our household cleaners, realistically the surfaces in our house do come in contact with our skin.  Furthermore,  we who clean the house certainly get the solutions on our skin in the process of cleaning.

My pantry

As you convert more fully to green housecleaning, you’ll need larger quantities of some of these items, especially baking soda and vinegar.  I buy the 1 ½ gallon bottle of vinegar and the 5 lb. bag of baking soda at Costco.  So open up your pantry and start cleaning!

To get you started, check out my next video blog about cleaning the microwave with lemons.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning From the Pantry

  1. Hi, Lisa – what a great tip about using lemons to clean the microwave. I’ve been putting half a lemon in a quart-size bowl of water, then running it on full power for 10 min. The steam makes everything quite easy to wipe off and of course the lemon scent is fantastic, but I never thought of actually WIPING with the lemon. I’m thinking I’d want to rinse off the plate with hot water as they might be some residual lemon stickiness? Do you find this when using only the lemon to wipe? Thanks!

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