A $10,000 Green Challenge

There are so many reasons it’s awesome to be a student! And here’s one more:  Turning Green’s Project Green Challenge. This program directs high school and college students through a month of daily eco-challenges that deeply explore the myriad facets of living green – from zero waste to FLOSN food (fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non-GMO) to non-toxic cleaners.

From October 1-30, Project Green Challenge takes you deeper into green, breaks the boundaries of what is possible, and equips you with meaningful ways to bring needed change into our daily arenas.  One grand-prize winner will receive a reward package valued at $10,000, but all participants will benefit from the ideas, inspiration, and opportunities to move beyond the Challenge.

Lest this sounds like a walk in the park, you will be surprised at how Project Challenge will plumb the depths of what you think of as Green, but you will be glad you did.  You will see how hard you have to fight to be environmentally conscious in a world that constantly tugs you to go with the easy, but all-too-shortsighted flow.  However, you will see that there are simple, do-able changes to make every day that add up to a big difference.

This Challenge was developed by Turning Green, an awesome student-led organization that targets youth to make the move to more conscious living.  Once students see how much change they can enact personally and locally, they are equipped and energized to make more far-reaching changes throughout their lives.

Turning Green is one of my favorite groups because they put legs under their ideas, through projects like Conscious Kitchen for schools, the Conscious College Road Tour, as well as internships and fellowships to develop up and coming leaders.  Dr. Bronner’s has partnered with Turning Green because their work is effective, reaches an active audience, and pursues similar goals such as better care of the earth’s resources, lowering the toxicities of our home and work spaces, and waste reduction,

If you undertake this challenge, I just might see you on the flip-side, as I have the awesome privilege of meeting the 16 finalists at the 4-day Challenge Finals in San Francisco in November, hearing where the Challenge has taken them, how they have interpreted it in their unique life circumstances, and what they plan to do with what they’ve learned.

Spread the word on this one – share it on your campuses, pass it on to your friends, children, and friends’ children.  Gather a community and walk together this path towards more conscious living.

Sign up at projectgreenchallenge.com.













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