Now You Can Go Green with Me on Facebook

Here’s something new – Going Green with Lisa Bronner now has a Facebook page!

That may sound like a little thing, but I don’t do new things easily. (There’s a euphemism for “stick in the mud” if I’ve ever heard one!) I know there are good many social media platforms out there, and if Facebook isn’t your preference, please bear with me. Facebook fits my word-oriented nature best.

The blog is a great format – and I’ll be continuing with it. It allows me to take deep dives into topics that face us all. I know some people need those dives. I’m one of them.

However, my hope is to connect with my readers in real-time better than I can with the blog. This will give a little more of day-to-day glimpses into how this whole green thing plays out in my house, and also provide some shorter snips of information to take with you in your busy schedules.

Another thing I like about Facebook is that it allows me to ask a lot of questions. I want to hear from you. To learn from you. To be inspired by you. I also hope you learn from and inspire each other. This is how communities are built. We’ll be stronger for it. Together, let’s keep aiming for that simpler, cleaner life with simpler products, simpler foods, simpler routines, and simpler spaces, both physically and mentally.

I invite you into my home and into my ongoing journey. Perhaps, though, before you accept an invitation into my home, you’d like to know me a little better? For that purpose, there’s nothing like a list:

Ten Things to know about me:
1. I taught high school English. I still see myself functionally as a teacher.
2. My family makes a lot of soap.
3. Dr. Emanuel Bronner, founder of Dr. Bronner’s, was my grandfather.
4. I grew up without a television.
5. I’m a married mom of three, of whom I am the second shortest.
6. I like country living, quiet mornings, and mountain air.
7. I get excited about pretty nerdy things – like pH and the chemistry of water and grammar.
8. I find working with my hands to be intensely therapeutic.
9. I’m an ISFJ (Myers-Briggs), Helper/Investigator (Enneagram), Questioner (Four Tendencies).
10. Regularly gathering with my family around the dinner table is the single most important parenting act in my day.

Come see what my green looks like.

Find me on Facebook or search Going Green with Lisa Bronner.

7 thoughts on “Now You Can Go Green with Me on Facebook

  1. I do charity work for Marine children on Camp Pendleton. Peace Through Service,

  2. I’ve used the peppermint shampoo for many years in different ways, but had trouble using it as a shampoo. Recently i added the citrus rinse, and hair creme and started using them all for my hair.
    I’ve noticed how clean my hair feels but, its seems to be hard for me to get the right amount of the product on my hair.

    • Hi Lin- I feel you! It takes some time and tinkering to find the right amounts for your hair’s unique personality. You can dry different dilutions of the Organic Citrus Rinse or mix it up with a rinse of water and apple cider vinegar. For the Organic Hair Creme, I find a little goes a long way. You may find some good tips on the Definitive Guide to Washing Your Hair with Dr. Bronner’s on the Dr. Bronner’s blog at

    • Hi Becky- Thanks for alerting me to this issue. Our team is working on resolving it. Please check back in a few days.

  3. I have gone green with everything except dishwasher soap. Not satisfied with any I’ve made long term. I have not given up will keep trying.

    • Hi Dorothy- If you find a good GIY solution, please feel free to share here for other readers. In the meantime, the Environmental Working Group ( ranks products based on ingredients, environmental impact and such. You may find something there.

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