My G.I.Y. Workshop and Mom Story

Nothing motivated me like being pregnant.  I knew there was very little I could do for my baby beyond how I treated my own body.  I would think things like, “Maybe today he’s developing his cochlea or his immune system or his Achilles tendon or his adrenal gland…”  And though gestation may not work quite that way, all these thoughts made me take every bite captive to the welfare of my baby.  No empty calories, no artificial anything, no refined grains.  No coffee.  (I went a little bit overboard.)  I would even go walking at like 6:30 in the morning!

Things can happen even when I’ve taken the utmost care, but I can tell I’m stronger and more able to deal with whatever comes when I’ve taken care of myself well.  Besides, I’m a doer.  Doing something makes me feel better.

This didn’t stop once my babies were born.  All of sudden, a world in which I had felt relatively safe and comfortable became the hotbed of disaster.  “What kind of place am I bringing my baby into?  What if he gets kidnapped or bullied or maimed by a falling tree? What if he goes off to war?”  That was the first week.

The most terrifying car ride of my life: the first one home from the hospital.

The most terrifying car ride of my life: the first one home from the hospital.

I know I am not the only mom who pushed a stroller AND a shopping cart rather than put my baby in that rolling petri dish. Or carried my own sprays and wipes to clean restaurant tables and high chairs before eating.  The staff must have loved me.

But the thing is, the more time went by, the more I realized that he was much more likely to be hurt at home than by any of these what-ifs far away.  It was my daily habits and choices that I needed to examine and question.  But what new mom has time for that?!

With that in mind, I’m giving a workshop at the 2015 Moms Meet WOW Summit in San Diego on October 23-24. It’s aimed at myself, 12 years ago.

WOW Summit 2015

Since that me won’t be there, alas, I hope other moms – maybe you – can benefit.  In the past decade plus, I’ve gathered research, made a lot of mistakes, sifted through a ton of advice and information and misinformation, and come to the realization that what is best is really quite simple.  It’s this simplicity of life and of health that I will be sharing during this workshop.  I’ll be talking about the home, diet, and lifestyle, as well as G.I.Y. (Green-It-Yourself) cleaning recipes, all thrown in  with some anecdotes and activism from the world of Dr. Bronner’s.  And of course, what would a workshop be without some freebie Dr. Bronner’s products and a chance to win a fantastic, fully equipped, Green Cleaning Go-To Kit!

If you’d like to join me, I have another little goodie for you and it’s a good one: a 30% off PROMO CODE.  I know I love to hear those two words together.  So, if you click this link to register for the Summit, type in Bronner30 to get that not-so-little discountThe Friday afternoon/evening event is specifically aimed at bloggers and I’ll be attending that part, too.

The thing is, there’s nothing like a mom.  Hell hath no fury and all that. And when mamas get together and swap thoughts, you can’t stop the passion and the rejuvenation and the laughter and the inspiration! There’s just nothing like it.  I hope to see you there.




3 thoughts on “My G.I.Y. Workshop and Mom Story

  1. Hi Lisa, this sounds like an amazing workshop. Do you ever do these in Portland, Oregon? I know there are a lot of health conscious families here as well. When is the next workshop?
    Thanks for all you do and for making a difference in the world.

    • Hi Stephanie – It was a lot of fun! But then, moms are always a lot of fun when they get together without their kids. I was invited to speak at this workshop by the folks at Moms Meet. We here at Dr. Bronner’s don’t have a set-up (yet?) for going on tour, but I do get asked to speak at other people’s conferences from time to time. My next one is in LA in April at the Take Back Your Health Conference,

      I do have a video of the workshop that I’ll be posting soon – the next best thing to having been there in person!

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