Dr. B’s Fair Trade Tackles Malaria

Here is a great new project at Dr. Bronner’s! This animated video simplifies all the hubbub about Fair Trade – what it is, why it’s important, how it works – specifically in reference to Dr. Bronner’s fair trade palm oil project at our sister company Serendipalm in Ghana. Secondly, the animated video is followed by a great way to partner with us in a campaign to help the community around Serendipalm. Dr. Bronner’s has launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide much needed bed nets to reduce malaria transmissions in the region. It’s such a simple way to help, and yet so effective. Please check out the video and respond if you can!

To view the campaign, visit: www.indiegogo.com/drbronners

There are so many really awesome aspects to this campaign. The first is that a very small donation – $10 – will provide something that can save the lives of an entire family. Secondly, Dr. Bronner’s is matching every single donation. So, when you give $10, you’re really providing $20. I love how that works. Another cool thing is the commemorative soap. Now this is not the main reason to give, but it’s a great perk. The other perks are great, too. (Think about it – dinner with Bronner family? Always an adventure!)

It was really great to work side by side with my brothers on this. I’ve never done that before. Although we all are connected to Dr. Bronner’s (a bit of an understatement since they own it), we’re all usually working on very different aspects of the business. So, this was a real treat for me. And as you can see at the end, my brothers definitely crack me up.

So perhaps you’re saying, “Lisa, you’re getting away from your roots here. Where’s the latest recipe to spiffy my house for the holidays?” I am by no means out of recipes. However, “going green” isn’t only about what we do in our own little household kingdoms. It is also about making an impact beyond our four walls, and in this case, half a world away. So take a look. I’ll get back to the basics again soon.

3 thoughts on “Dr. B’s Fair Trade Tackles Malaria

  1. Thank you to everyone who contributed! It was a marvelous success with $47,100 raised. What a difference that can make!

    All the best,

  2. I commend you as a company doing so much to promote fair trade and healthy living. It makes me feel good knowing that I (as a new customer) will be supporting the cause by buying your products. I don’t have $10 to give to this cause but hopefully in the coming months I will have it. Thank you.

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