Cleaning My Cutting Board (Video)

My bamboo cutting board really absorbs the smell of onions, and seems to systematically release them whenever I cut up a watermelon. I have found this cleaning method, with lemon juice, baking soda, and sunlight, effective to deodorize the board and remove stains. You can substitute vinegar for the lemon juice.

5 thoughts on “Cleaning My Cutting Board (Video)

  1. Thanks so much for the tips, Lisa!
    Two questions for you: 1) if I substitute vinegar for lemon juice (when removing smells from the cutting board), what ratio of vinegar to water should I use? Also, what do you recommend using if I want to disinfect a board thoroughly (after cutting meat, for example)?

  2. Hi Lisa! I discovered your website a few months ago, and I’ve been thrilled with all the content on how to use Dr. Bronner’s soaps. I have replaced almost all the cleaning products in my house. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and keeping up the blog!

    On cutting boards….Would this cleaning technique be sufficient for cleaning after cutting meat? I’m searching through your articles to see exactly how to clean surfaces after they’ve held raw meat. Currently, I’m still using very diluted clorox spray (1 tsp Clorox to 16 oz of water) after cleaning with Dr. Bronner’s, but if this is overkill, I would like to discontinue Clorox use altogether. Thank you! ~Sandy

  3. How have I missed responding to these comments from the past? Sorry about that!

    Hi Terri – I haven’t tried Sal Suds in the dishwasher, but I have heard from others who have. In general we say not to because it is very, well, sudsy. However, you’ll find people who say it works great. Dishwashing soaps are very toxic, and I hope we have a good option soon.

    Hi LLC – I’ll look into that! Thanks for the tip.

    Hi Jaime – What a great present! Somebody must love you!

    All the best,

  4. I have just recently became more passionate about going “green”. I was blessed to receive 2 bamboo cutting boards for my birthday just recently. (bye, bye plastic) Thanks for the tip i will be using this as onions and many other fruits and veggies will be sacrificed on those boards.

  5. You should really think about getting an end grain cutting board, MUCH better than bamboo; they are better looking, last forever, and are better on knives.
    Just thought I’d pass the tip along.

  6. Have you tried using Sal Suds in the dishwasher? I’d be worried about too many suds, but am also concerned that dishwashing soaps are pretty toxic. I’m using only one cup now so I have two rinses, but wonder if a small amount would work.

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