A Giveaway for Fair Trade?! Sign Me Up!

Woohoo ! I’m already cheering because EIGHT lucky ducks are going to win a year’s supply of Dr. Bronner’s – or Alaffia, ALTER ECOFarmer Direct Co-opMaggie’s OrganicsGuayakí Yerba MateEqual Exchange or Theo Chocolate, (winner’s choice) – AND YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM!

All this hoopla and hullaballoo is to celebrate World Fair Trade Day on May 14.  What you need to do RIGHT NOW is watch The Fair Trade Story made by our friends at Fair World Project and then sign up for the giveaway at the bottom.  The giveaway is open until May 31, 2016.

Sign up here for a year supply of authentic fair trade!

Why all this fuss about Fair Trade?

World Fair Trade Day is a day to remember that 70% of the world’s food is grown by small scale farmers who struggle to compete against large corporations that, because of their volume, are able to sell their product at lower prices and are able to reach more distant markets.

It is also a day to remember that everything has a cost, that a low price for the consumer means a very low wage for the grower.  It may mean exploitation and child labor, especially for goods like coffee and cocoa.

It is a day to remember that we are interconnected.  We can overlook the plight of the vulnerable and destitute for only so long before their effects are too great to ignore.

Despite all these negatives, there is something to celebrate! There are companies who value human effort and practice and support Fair Trade, and we are making progress to educate consumers that this all matters.  That’s why we celebrate Fair Trade with our giveaway.

Please celebrate with us!  And in case you ignored me up above and haven’t yet watched the video or signed up for the giveaway, here’s another chance: Fair Trade Story and giveaway.

Please take a moment to learn more about Fair Trade by checking out these awesome resources:

Fair Trade = Living wage, Market access, Sustainable agriculture, Community benefit.  This is what you want to vote for when you buy Fair Trade.

One last note for you dubious types (I’m raising my hand right now)…

When you enter the giveaway, you have the choice about receiving emails about Fair Trade by checking or not the, “Yes, Sign me up for fair trade news”.  These updates will keep you in the know about their progress, especially with their current efforts to bring Fair Trade to the garment industry.  Nonetheless, you don’t have to check it to be in the contest, and checking it doesn’t get you any bonus points.  That’s my paraphrase of the official rules.  And for the record, I can’t sign up because of the whole “employees and family members of the Sponsors” yadda yadda yadda, so that’s one entrant you don’t have to worry about competing against.

14 thoughts on “A Giveaway for Fair Trade?! Sign Me Up!

  1. oh that’s a shame… i only received notification of this today via newsletter… guess it’s a bit late now 😉 never mind! big love anyway.

  2. For some reason I received this email again today-2 months after the fact! How do I find out who the winners were?

    • Hi Sheryl – I’m not sure why the notification came again in July. Sorry about that. Fair World Project contacted the winners individually and issued a public announcement to thank everyone who participated.

  3. Loved the video so much I shared it with my JR High aftercare class. Sadly I don’t see a link to enter the contest.

  4. Powerful Video!!! I remember years ago cutting down on my chocolate consumption after viewing a video about how cocoa is harvested in Africa. Thanks much!

  5. Thanks so much for this, your products are basically the only cleaners I use.

  6. yeeeeeeeehaaaaawwww!!! Love the community! Going green, eating organic and local. Beauty and cleaning supplies now all green. I am loving this journey.

  7. Yeah! A contest that includes those of us concerned individuals in Canada.

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