Handwashing Delicates with Dr. Bronner’s (Video)

Yes!  Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap or Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner works great for handwashing delicate fabrics, even washable silks and wool.

That’s an FAQ right there.  Now you know!

A capful of Castile Liquid soap or a half a capful of Sal Suds in a bowl of cold water cleans delicate fabrics beautifully.  You can even put it directly on stains.  So long as the garment can get wet (i.e. it doesn’t say “dry clean only”), then Dr. Bronner’s has you covered.  Because machine-washing and drying our clothes is often the harshest thing we do to them, handwashing is worthwhile for delicates and those much-loved items.

Yes, I’m talking about the soap you already have on hand.  The Castile soap that is sitting conveniently by your sink and in your shower.  I keep a small bottle of Sal Suds in my bathroom cabinet just for this purpose.  I am all for any little bit of time-saving, so if I don’t have to head off to another room to find the specialty laundry detergent, that’s a few moments of my life saved right there.  And those moments add up!

Next time you’re about to shower, take that blouse, sweater, or scarf you’ve been neglecting and fill your sink with cold water.  Add that small squirt of Castile or the Sal Suds, dunk the garment in and swish a bit.  By the time your shower is done, the garment is ready to be rinsed.  It couldn’t be easier.

Or how about during bath time for your little ones?  Here’s a Mom Confession: when my kids were littles, I used to get so very, very bored when they were in the tub.  They loved their bath time so much, and it certainly kept them occupied and out of other mischief.  But since I couldn’t leave the room lest they stand up and slip and crack their heads (Castile & Sal Suds also cleans up blood, BTW), I felt like a prisoner in there, or like an ogre if I did a quick bath and pulled them out.

I’m not implying that handwashing laundry is a scintillating activity, but it is productive and keeps you occupied while they’re splish-splashing beside you.  With the very same Castile soap, wash the kid and wash the clothes.  Why stop there?  Wash the tub, wash the dog, wash the sink, wash the rug…  Maybe I’m getting a little carried away here.  But then again, why not?  This soap works on all that and more.

The Method – As shown in the video

Add 1 capful Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap OR ½ capful Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds to cold water.  Swish gently.  Let soak 10 minutes.  Swish again to release loosened grime.  Rinse with clean water.  To condition natural fibers like silk and wool, add 1 cup white vinegar to cold water.  Swish garment and rinse once more.  In a towel, gently press excess water out of fabric.  Lay stretchy or heavy fabrics flat, or hang lightweight fabrics to dry.  Check out the video for a few more handwash tips.

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  1. I live at a house where there is a water softening system and it makes Castile soap clean like a magic genie. We have a pool and it makes life easier by lathering up with some dr. B’s while I have my swim suit still on. I take it off while it’s still a little soapy and put it in a bucket. I give it a quick rinse after I am done showering and carry it out to drip dry and it comes out clean every time.

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