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It Actually Works!

All right, so I know I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’ve seen it work on my garden pests, as in the previous blog on spraying for aphids and other insects.  However,

Sal Suds in the Laundry (Video)

Sal Suds makes a fabulous laundry detergent.  This video shows how simple it is.  Clothes are left clean, soft, and fragrance-free.  Sal Suds is gentle enough for any washable delicates

My Favorites

If you haven’t had a chance to test the full range of Dr. Bronner’s scents, you may be missing out on your favorite. I am well aware that I have

Cleaning the Microwave With Lemons (Video)

What you need: half a juicy lemon To kick start your natural housecleaning, check out this method for cleaning the microwave.  Lemon juice will remove even the most stubborn microwave crud.  If the two minutes of cooking/5 minutes of sitting don’t work the first time, do a second round.  You will need very little elbow […]

Cleaning From the Pantry

You’ll notice that a lot of homemade cleaning recipes call for ingredients from the pantry.  I don’t know why so many food staples do great jobs at cleaning.  Perhaps some